A short guide on how to complicate your daily routine by adding it system administrations tasks

I’m often disappointed by the fact that in my daily job activities, i can’t really deep dive into some technologies, platforms, tools and concepts that actually i would like to study in deep and hopefully, master.

I always keep on one or more side projects, but this time i made the leap to buy and setup my own homelab, or domestic home server, in order not only to practice more with that set of skills that are extremely important nowadays, but also to have…

If you are bored by the insane and unmanageable amount of ads that we encounter every day while surfing on websites, please keep on reading since this is how i solved this annoying thing with just 20$ and some will of tinkering.

For those of you who doesn’t know yet Pi-Hole, is an open-source project that acts as a sort of local DNS proxy and basically it intercepts and blocks malicious DNS queries made by clients and filter them out. It’s based on a blacklist approach, meaning that only queries (in the shape of exact url, wildcard domains and also…

While i’m waiting to finish my Slitaz image download from the official site (i’m running out of my monthly data plan and this Linux distro weights only 40mb) i wanna share with you few thoughts on how virtualization can be achieved on Linux, since i find this topic extremely interesting and usefull for everyone who wants to deal with cloud, distributed systems and infrastructure in general.

I’m writing this few lines since i want to get my feet wet about clusters administration, where for example with tools such as Vagrant, one can build a little cluster of nodes in no…


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Before moving on, is necessary to introduce the concept of permissioned or consortium blockchain as a particular kind of blockchain where the participants of the systems need a sort of permission in order to join the network. Imagine this as a set of known companies that are building up a closed blockchain environment in order to exchange assets among them. We can’t let anyone enter in our network since our market and environment is closed and must be kept under control.

This is a little bit against the openness and anonymity of the blockchain movement but as often happen with…

When i had to choose my university path, i had in mind that i would have focused myself on something useful not just for me but for the whole world. I knew i was lucky because i could afford to study and my goal was (or at least to try) to return this fortune to people who hadn’t been lucky as i was.

Nowadays, mostly scientific degrees are the ones who may drive toward a practical contribution in helping the world in being more comfortable and fair, meaning that “progress” must be pointed not only toward business markets but also…

Design phase

Few weeks ago, i was looking for a new challenging project to drive my nights and since the idea of creating my small personal website was bouncing in my head since months, i decided to dive into this. My concept of personal website is not a webapp or a complex website, are just few pages, arbitrary designed and styled, which present yourself and tells something more about you. For IT people for example, it can be another evaluation parameter for recruiters or another media to reach other people with hands in your topic to start collaborations. Due to this, the…

Even if i am a big fan of “Doc” Brown, unfortunately, i can’t reach him by any means, so, as you, i am constrained to live in 2019. This weird introduction just to say that what i am going to tell you in this article is something very actual and you have not been catapulted in ‘90s.

I’m talking about static websites.

Most sites you visit on the web are probably dynamic websites, which means that the requested webpages are not already statically stored on the server when you demand them, but are dynamically generated on the fly trough the…


Computer engineer with a keen interest in security, blockchain and distributed systems

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